Astrological Guidance for Changing Times

Welcome, my name is Katharina Wehrli. I am a soul centered astrologer.  The boat represents your soul sailing across the ocean of life’s uncertainties.  My services provide navigational tools for your journey.

Working with soul centered astrology deepens intuitive development, which connects you with the Higher Power of your soul. Your purpose in life is to let this infinite potential shine through. This is your true destiny, and your natural path to it is called your dharma. Where there is dharma there is no karma. As it sails along its path, the boat no longer creates a wake.

During a consultation you may discover your dharma, and find the keys to actualize your destiny. Your goal is to overcome obstacles and limitations. It might also include learning how to recognize your emotional shortcomings. Recovering from these wounds gradually restores your natural self-esteem 

Depending on your circumstances a consultation can optimize timing for an event, or pinpoint favorable locations to do or become what you desire. It is also an excellent tool for relationship insight leading to mutual understanding. Baby charts are one of my specialties – a great gift for new parents.

I am also an energy therapist and yoga teacher.  If you are interested in an appointment, I practice in the St. Louis, Missouri vicinity. 

My business is built on reputation and referrals, and a sliding scale is available on all individual services.