Volume 10

Earthlit News

Raising Consciousness for Personal and Planetary Harmony

February 18 2007        Vol 10

I am the wind of wisdom that dries the sighs and sorrows of all souls. 
I am the silent joy of life moving through all beings

Paramahansa Yogananda

Notes for Sun in Pisces

Pisces contains the archetypes of all other zodiacal signs, thus symbolizing the culmination of a cycle. It represents contemplation, universal sensitivity, and joy in the promise of what lies beyond. Pisces must walk the distance between belief and faith. Faith is proof of the unseen, inner direct experience of a spiritual reality. Belief on the other hand is merely an initial blind feeling that something could be true.

Pisces is fluid, without form or boundaries. It understands everything, and then again nothing. With this sign there is a need to strengthen and balance the connection between the changing world of matter and the changelessness of Spirit. To be equally present in both worlds takes equanimity, inner strength, and exceptional clarity. When this challenge is mastered, Pisces is successfully engaged in everyday activities while consciously rooted in Spirit. The more common scenario, however, is compensation for the lack in connection between the finite and the infinite.

Compensation takes place either through people or through things. Those who belong into the first category know that it is Spirit that matters. Relating to potential rather than to reality, they want to see only the best in everyone. With this they rush in where angels fear to tread. When the other person’s motivations turn out to be far from noble, these Pisces individuals have a rude awakening. Typically, their coping mechanism is to feel victimized.

With repeated painful experiences these types of Pisces people come to realize how they have brought the situation onto themselves. In lack of necessary discrimination they gullibly believed in words rather than judging the other by his or her actions. Eventually they learn to see that nobody is perfect by default.

Instead of indiscriminately idealizing their personal and professional connections, these Pisces individuals begin to look for the signs that reveal others’ motives and agendas. This does not mean that they become suspicious or distrustful; they now simply apply reason to remain realistic and aware so as to avoid their own pitfalls. They also look for genuine manifestations that denote Spirit in those they meet.

The second type of Pisces actively idealizes the world of tangibility. These people end up heavily over-invested in objects, money, or sense indulgences. But deep down within themselves they battle a nagging sense of meaninglessness. This is a reminder of the neglected world of Spirit. Eventually their hedonistic lifestyle stifles them. More often than not this type also ends up feeling disillusioned and victimized by life.

Just like with the first type, the answer lies in taking responsibility for one’s own actions. Money, nice things, food, sex, and entertainment are never going to satisfy Pisces’ unconscious longing for spiritual fulfillment. The degree to which they act compulsively indicates the intensity of their blocked desire to know and connect with divine origin. Until this is realized through their own efforts, they will continue to compensate with some form of escapism. Once they understand this impulse, they can begin to integrate transcendental values in a more realistic and direct way. Evolved Pisces will seek happiness through the expansion of their consciousness in connection with a committed spiritual practice.

To Pisces imagination is more interesting than facts. Owing to their sensitivity, Pisces individuals easily pick up on the subtle realms that underlie ordinary reality. But their intuition is often not developed enough to make use of myriad subtle impressions, hunches, and premonitions. If not anchored in reality, its ever-shifting nature will slip into altered states of an illusionary, intangible world. The result is confusion, and lack of direction or involvement.

Just as a cup cannot hold the entire ocean, ordinary human consciousness is limited. Pisces wants to remove the obstacles that keep it bound to the changing world of matter – to pour out the cup so the water can mix with the sea. The only way to eventually grasp universal truth in its entirety is to continuously work on increasing personal awareness through intuition. Intuition is a combination of feeling, reason, intelligence, and contemplation. It grows through meditation and other disciplined spiritual practices.

Pisces can also transcend the boundaries of its own consciousness through willingness “to do the right thing”. Doing the right thing means to know where the boundaries are, how to respect them, and when to use leverage to push past them. Pisces knows where it wants to go, but often shies away from the step-by-step process involved in getting there. It expects to already be there. This preoccupation with the outcome actually shows a lack of faith.

Pisces needs to learn and practice how to let go. Acknowledging the importance of the process shows love and respect for life. It requires confidence and courage that things will turn out all right. By going through the motion Pisces learns to trust the unseen. In this way the ego serves Spirit. The reward is faith, proof of the unseen. With direct experience of a spiritual reality comes to fruition what previously could only be hoped for or believed in. Except, it is much more awesome than Pisces could have ever imagined.