Volume 11

Earthlit News

Raising Consciousness for Personal and Planetary Harmony

March 20 2007        Vol 11

We are what we think.

All that we are arises

with our thoughts.

With our thoughts

We make the world.

Gautama Buddha

Spring Equinox

Equal length of day and night provides us with a benchmark. Use it to look back to Winter Solstice first. What did you intend to manifest? It could have been internal or external. Did you stay tuned to your intentions, or did you lose sight of them?

Spring Equinox is the natural window of opportunity to reflect, and assess the progress you have made with your new project. So take a moment to pause, remember, and take inventory. Renew and strengthen your resolve to manifest your desires, even if you have lost sight of them the past three months.

Spring Equinox is also a helpful time to reformulate your desires if necessary. Perhaps some of what you wanted at Winter Solstice is no longer relevant to you now. Maybe there are new desires germinating. Take notice, pay attention, and honor them!  But do not lose sight of your existing intentions just because it might be hard, or because you may be discouraged or disappointed if they haven’t manifested yet. Add the energy of your focused will power. Aries is here to give you a jumpstart. It will rev up your engine. So switch gears and keep your eyes on the road!

Notes for Sun in Aries

Like spring, Aries represents a new beginning. It implies motion, the movement that creates change. This urge for transformation requires freedom to act. Aries acts on impulse, on the conscious desire to do, be, or have something. It might not know why it wants something, just that it wants it. Although thought precedes action, with Aries the action is based on instinct rather than on preconceived concepts.

This sign of the Zodiac is in a perpetual state of becoming. Aries therefore has a primary allegiance to itself. Because Aries wants to explore and discover something new and unique about its existence, it naturally tends to be self-centered.

This energy simply wants to experience and discover. There is no calculated forethought as to how something is acquired for oneself regardless of the impact on others. Even so, because of its self-focus Aries can come across as inconsiderately taking advantage at someone else’s expense. This is why it needs relationships that provide the necessary feedback.

Once Aries learns how its actions affect others, it can begin to change this aspect. Instead of perceiving relationships as a potential threat to its freedom, self-focus extends to altruism. Aries discovers that listening to others brings new insight, and that giving is more rewarding than taking.