Volume 13

Earthlit News

Raising Consciousness for Personal and Planetary Harmony

May 21 2007        Vol 13

No two people on the face of this Earth are alike in anything except for their loneliness. This is the cause of our Growing, but it is also the cause of our wars.

Love, hate, greed and generosity are all rooted within our loneliness, within our desire to be needed and loved.

The only way that we can overcome our loneliness is through Touching. To Touch and Feel is to experience.”

Hyemeyohsts Storm

Notes for Sun in Gemini

When the Sun enters Gemini the intellect has precedence. The left-brain is in constant motion, naming, classifying, and relating facts, objects, and experiences. Its databanks are loaded to the brim with empirical rations. They fuel the mind for our daily navigation through the jungle of phenomenal reality. This reality has become extremely fast paced and complex.

Western lifestyle has resulted in informational overload. Nowadays people can’t sleep because their brain won’t stop thinking. Nobody seems to be able to focus with one-pointed concentration any longer than the TV screen shows an image; in average this equals 6 seconds. If you wish to get your point across, simply assume that no one’s attention span exceeds that of a toddler.

The ego feeds on facts for intellectual security. Intellect, however, is incapable of distinguishing truth from fact. With this type of mental activity there is no frame of reference. The very bottom line that integrates all the facets is amiss. This is why many people experience a lack of concentration, or even a general sense of meaninglessness. They inadvertently drown in details that extinguish their natural sense of wholeness.

To create grounding and balance, a shift to the right-brain activity called intuition is needed. Concentration returns when the whole picture becomes visible. “Aha” is an inner feeling, a sense that has meaning of its own. Thus truth is experienced. It’s a though we all of a sudden grew antennas to pick up the radio signal that was there all along.

Gemini gives us a unique opportunity to transcend duality so we may reach to the bottom line. Cognizance touches the body and we simply see the truth. It touches us, because we realize that it has become part of us and we have become part of it. We have walked the distance between the head and the heart. The reward is a cosmological experience of oneness.