Volume 14

Earthlit News

Raising Consciousness for Personal and Planetary Harmony

September 29 2007        Vol 14

Thou art the Life behind my body,

the Intelligence behind my mind,

the Love behind my feeling,

and the Wisdom behind my consciousness.”

Paramahansa Yogananda

Inspirations about Security

Spiritual interests are growing everywhere. The search for a simpler existence that includes an all-encompassing natural spirituality has become a true craving for many. While accepting that we are part of something bigger, we collaborate with nature and with spirit.

The rapid pace and fragmentation of modern life creates a lot of stress. Some of this stress is caused by outdated modes of operation. These are collective patterns that remain unrecognized. They are subconscious and play out in ways that perpetuate dysfunction. From birth they influence every member of society in a chain reaction.

Throughout history religion was mixed with dogmatic principles. In thinking that there is a perfect way to do and have things, intuition and inner experience was obscured. This became the basis for confusion and insecurity, which in turn led to the unquestioned acceptance of authority figures who proclaimed dogmatic ideas.

In reality spiritual truth is dynamic; it cannot be contained within one system. Religious ideas are relative, and following them must remain a personal decision. In the end, truth is not learned, it has to be realized through inner experience.

When spirituality is rooted in intuition, no one else’s beliefs can threaten it. We simply understand truth through validation of our inner reality. We then compare this with the outer circumstances at hand. We know that those we meet are coming from this very same place. Their actions and opinions cannot make us feel insecure, because we value and follow that same process of internal guidance and outer alignment.

Those who make this shift in perception and experience become magnets for one another. Accordingly, the social chain reaction is set in motion once again. Only this time it is with constructive patterns that are liberating and equitable to all. Self-empowered people feel secure, because they trust their own life. They know that it is no one else but themselves who create the reality they experience. Thus they have no problem with taking responsibility for their circumstances. Whatever may arise, they rest assured that the solution is contained within the creative power of Spirit that guides their intuition.