Volume 15

Earthlit News

Raising Consciousness for Personal and Planetary Harmony

December 10th, 2007 Vol 15

May the Force be with you.

George Lucas

The Imprint of Change

On Tuesday, December 11th the thirteen-year cycle between Jupiter and Pluto is renewed. It sets the stage for another era of growth. The dynamics involved in the cyclic relationship between these two planets are always profound and deeply psychological. They are not conscious. Yet, every new beginning has its own specific spin that influences every soul on the planet. The influence is personal as well as collective.

The initiation point to this new cycle happens to be at 28 degrees of Sagittarius. This point lines up with the center of our galaxy, the “navel” of our world. The Source energetically feeds all galactic life through this point. It’s the spring from where life’s natural renewal, mutation, and continuation flow forth.

It doesn’t take an astrological understanding to realize that this indeed is deeply and intensely meaningful. But even with astrological expertise it is difficult to know exactly how this will play out. A bigger hand of cosmic energy and consciousness is watching over our shortcomings of attachments. It will help to shift the unnatural trespasses that have gotten us in trouble with Earth’s balance. Do not let fear of loss become the force by which darkness can bind you. Fear only fear itself.

Thus the seed is planet. If you water it with renewed positive thought, this seed will germinate as the grace of your action. It will anchor you to the planetary forces that unravel the intentions of the galactic hub. Trust this process of nature, and nurture it with your conscious participation. It will bring in the light that transmutes all darkness.

The voice of nature is also a feeling within – intuition. This is more powerful than reason. It is not a thought, but a sense that emanates from the center of our being. Learn to listen to it, and know that once you hear it, you can trust to follow it. It will always lead you to where you need to be. Because it is attuned with cosmic energy and consciousness, it cannot fail. Once you know how to feel its force, you can align with it.

When you master your alignment with this force, you become invincible. In the most evolved sense, these are the processes to unfold in the upcoming planetary cycle – understand, observe, align, and flow with them. Or ignore and be buried under the rubble of resistance.

I want to call attention to the event and invite readers to CELEBRATE this planetary alignment with affirmation of love and respect for all life. This is a simple message, a soulful song of hope and joy many have sung before. Join in, and together with Pluto and Jupiter’s reunion we can make it heard in the entire Universe!