Volume 16

Earthlit News

Raising Consciousness for Personal and Planetary Harmony

January 24, 2008  Vol 16

Pluto in Capricorn

Taking the responsibility of existence is being fulfilled.

Prem Rawat

Pluto’s orbit around the Sun takes 248 years. On January 26th it enters the sign of Capricorn. This will be the first time since its discovery in 1930 that Pluto moves through Capricorn. It marks the beginning of a 15-year passage of repeating and resolving outdated psycho-spiritual patterns that have been in place for several thousand years. They are subconscious and therefore not recognized for what they are. This transit has the potential of making these processes more accessible.

Capricorn signifies the structure and boundaries of consciousness; it defines what we know. Pluto alters any structure through metamorphosis. Pluto in Capricorn lifts the boundaries to a new level. It will thus become possible to change trends in one’s thinking patterns a lot easier.

Change is inevitable and Pluto enforces it with or without human cooperation. Since Capricorn is the epiphany of determination, and Pluto stands for choice making, this planetary transit can be used to cooperate with the evolutionary lessons at hand. If you choose to persevere, the drive to excel will overcome all limitations. It will bring a level of mastery beyond what was previously believed to be possible.

Authority borne of mastery is unquestionable. Yet, authority can also be corrupted by hypocrisy, greed, or misuse of power. When it wants to enforce superiority for it’s own sake, Capricorn will bypass the necessary ingredient of mastery. Pluto’s dark side can easily aid the process with betrayal and manipulation. In this situation undeserving ones hold the scepter.

When faced with fear of loss, Pluto shows another dark facet: resistance. Within the machinery of social change this force cannot be underestimated. Those who want to retain the old ways will resist change with more might than ever. They will continue to argue that nothing is broken; therefore we need not fix a thing. This line of thinking will bring forth cataclysmic events a lot faster and stronger.

Pluto was in Capricorn during the time period that led up to the French revolution. In the present, however, the noblesse oblige has global implications. Although very similar forces of exploitation, self-interest, decadence, and exclusion are pulling the strings, Robespierre and the guillotine won’t remedy the malady.

Beware of any “what’s the use” attitude. Futility is another aspect of Capricorn. You must push through the resistance and the lead-like pressure of the grind. Gravity will increase by another g around this Pluto in Capricorn placement. Expect the pressure, endure its heavy weight with calculated poise, and watch the charcoal turn to diamond. Once enough people make the effort to do so, the fundamental configurations of society will change.