Volume 18

Earthlit News

Raising Consciousness for Personal and Planetary Harmony

January 20, 2009  Vol 18

“What is our spiritual destiny?” I asked. “To return to where we came from,” he said,

“only wiser and kinder.”

Excerpt from A Conversation with Ostad Elahi

Life Energy

The 3 ways humans absorb life energy is through sunlight, food, and breath. Since sunlight is weak at this time of year, it is a good idea to fall back on energizing foods and breathing exercises. Excellent energy sources are Goji berries grown in the Himalayan mountains, and Maca root of the Peruvian Andes. Due to high elevation, the plant species of these regions evolved under rugged conditions. But these plants also receive intense exposure to the Sun’s life giving power. Their fruit and roots store this energy, and we benefit greatly by ingesting them. Both plants contain an array of nutrients, and they have no side effects either.

Astrologically, the Sun is now in Aquarius. Aquarius directly opposes Leo, which is associated with the Sun’s life giving and sustaining energy. Aquarius, as Leo’s polarity, lacks this vital strength. In its stead it is able to detach, and through this possesses altruism. Sometimes Aquarius is also indicative of trauma. The drain of life energy due to keeping the traumatic memories at bay is enormous. This year the Aquarian energy is emphasized and expanded, as Jupiter is currently also transiting this sign. It will be followed by Mars in a couple of weeks. Libido may run dry for a while.

The Maca root is also known to increase fertility and libido. You may desire these features for procreation or simply as a source of pleasure. Although there’s nothing wrong with reproduction or sensuality, sexual energy can also be recycled to boost vitality. The sacred practice of tantra, for example, cultivates this energy for rejuvenation, longevity, and to increase awareness. Through linking personal consciousness with the infinite creative consciousness (as in yoga), practitioners gain insight as to what the Source wants to create through them. This is how procreation is turned into co-creation.

With tantra it is also possible to heal trauma from the past or past lives. The soul is androgenous. Over the course of many lifetimes, it switches gender according to the specific lessons at hand. At this point there are many people, male and female, who walk the face of this Earth with unresolved sexual wounds. This is because this energy has been repressed for many centuries. Natural sexuality was/is a taboo, and indigenous people were persecuted and tortured for being natural. Some of these atrocities committed in the name of a punishing God, were unspeakable.

The soul retains all memory, and brings forth those memories that are relevant to the themes and contexts of any specific life. Unresolved trauma is held in the cellular memory of the body. People with irrational responses such as anxiety attacks, rage fits, or hysterical crying spells sometimes suffer from unresolved trauma. It can also cause many other symptoms, such as for example impotence, frigidity, or bi-polar disease.

Needless to say, tantric practice requires a relationship, where both partners are capable of putting personal pleasure seeking aside. In this way each can be present for the other’s healing process. Using tantra to heal sexual trauma will increase the quality of life. Healing occurs through Aquarian detachment. The life energy freed from the repressed memories is liberated. Liberation and freedom, by the way, are yet another facet of Aquarius. The freed energy can be used to build and maintain the system. Thus the Leo polarity triumphs through increased vitality.