Volume 2

Earthlit News

Raising Consciousness for Personal and Planetary Harmony

June 21, 2006         Vol 2

Summer Solstice Notes

Solstice is a turning point for introspection, and to find clarity, inspiration, and new direction. You might ask yourself what you have accomplished since last winter or spring, and where you would like to be by the beginning of this coming fall or winter. At first it could be a bit overwhelming to find the direction that feels right. There may even be a sense of frustration, if the desired direction is obstructed with temporary roadblocks. They will clear up as the planetary wrinkles smoothen.

Remember also that achievements are not necessarily made in the outer world; they can be deeply personal, inner aspirations. With its nurturing energy the Sun in Cancer brings this inner world to light. The womb was the ultimate place of security and comfort, a place we always remember subconsciously. Once born into the world of clashing opposites, the lack of this original sense of security became the root of many dilemmas. Where do we turn for reassurance, comfort, and direction?

Just as all streams end in the ocean, our souls ultimately return to the Source. Unlike the streams though, we need to make a conscious effort to reach this Source. Without continuous determination and concentration to know the spiritual reality of changelessness, the clashing opposites will keep throwing us back and forth from comfort and security to fear, frustration, and pain.

Sun in Cancer likes to invest in security. Can you find security in your intuition, from knowing the Source through your own conscious connection? Or are you mostly preoccupied with making ends meet, and fulfilling your own or someone else’s worldly desires? The nature of the game is predetermined for the latter scenario to always end in disappointment.

See whether you can find the strength and motivation to feel secure within yourself. Test this as you keep meeting new challenges. Every time you feel an inner connection of clarity, joy, and peace, you are a little closer to recognizing your own infinity. The saints tell us that one day this sense will stay. They also remind us that in the meantime it is the effort that counts, not necessarily the outcome.

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