Volume 3

Earthlit News

Raising Consciousness for Personal and Planetary Harmony

July 21, 2006     Vol 3

Notes for Sun in Leo

On July 22 Sun enters the Sign Leo. With this many of your creative projects can come to fruition. Sun in Leo loves to express itself through all mediums. Now is the time to recharge your batteries with your own creativity. Reach into the depth of your soul. Let your talent shine.

This year the solar life force in Leo is coupled with the energy of exacting structure by the majestic and beautiful planet Saturn. How successfully this celestial team will pull the cart of your creative purpose is subject to your skill in holding the reigns.

Success depends on the ability to detach so that the creative impulse can work through you. Otherwise, the innovative well will dry up. Do you identify with your creations from a personal vantage point, or do you understand them to be in collaboration with divine power? Your ego still has a part in this, but it is not the driving force. When you remember to let Spirit drive the vehicle of creativity, success is a built-in feature. In this process your satisfaction is guaranteed, even though the outcome may not be exactly what you envisioned.

The same dynamic operates with child rearing. Children mirror all our strengths and weaknesses. This month, be a role model for grace and joyful expression. No matter what age, can you let your youngsters be their own person, or do they always have to be an extension of yourself? You never want to become a doormat, of course. Yet, can you sometimes allow your children to be playmates and friends? Saturn in Leo will let you know when you have overstepped the boundaries of your parental power.

The past couple of weeks you may have encountered misunderstandings or difficulties in communication with friend, co-workers, bosses, parents, or children.  There may also have been frustrations with  communication devices, technological gadgets, cars,  and so on. This should all be settling down by the end of next week when Mercury “goes direct”. In the meantime it might be a good idea to catch up on your “to do” list, as long as it doesn’t involve buying things or starting new projects.

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