Volume 6

Earthlit News

Raising Consciousness for Personal and Planetary Harmony

October 23 2006         Vol 6

“By stealth the fisherman, transitoriness, deludes us.
We swim in the shallow waters of false assurances of safety,
While a deadly net of ignorance is closing in upon us.
In the daily haul, many are caught – few escape.

Oh Measureless Mercy,
Save us from the dread dragnet of desires and matter attachment!
May we dive into the deep sea spaces of divine communion and become

Paramahansa Yogananda

Notes for Sun in Scorpio

With the Sun entering Scorpio the world is ready for transformation.
The days are getting shorter, and the nights noticeably longer. On the
Northern hemisphere the leaves are falling, and the harvest is in.  The
dark principle steadily gains power, which we celebrate with traditions
such as Halloween.

In the human world of inner and transpersonal drama, Scorpio prevails
through all the reminders of  impermanence.  Change, or the thought of
change threatens security. Because it is unsettling, it stirs our
reflexes of self-preservation. Many become compulsive in an attempt to
compensate. They work, drink, eat, talk, gamble, shop, or have sex too
much. Naturally, we get attached to what is known, and therefore
comfortable. But don’t get caught on the hooks of blind habit, because
this is when you become crystallized and break. The regenerative power
of Scorpio acts as the destroyer of evil and bad habits. If you know
when and how to let go, you will find a new window of opportunity.
Remember, Goddess never closes a door without opening another.

Scorpio also symbolizes death. Most people react to the thought of
death with a sense of powerlessness. Psychological resistance  follows
– except for those who habitually focus on the infinite.  They know how
to merge with a reality beyond the animal nature of survival.  Through
their spiritual practice these people experience the power of their own
undying soul. This lifestyle takes effort and discipline, which is why
it is not very popular.

Darkness also tends to spread through suspicion, secrecy, violated
trust, betrayal, vengeance, and the need to manipulate or control.
Power as an incentive for its own sake tends to stray far from the
ideals of harmony, goodness, and love. Often the motivating factors are
deeply buried in subconscious recesses. In the arena of human ego,
darkness cloaks itself in lofty aspirations. It is easy to be deluded
into thinking that perhaps love is just what causes these actions. But
in fact the driving force is often no other than the need for
separateness, expressing itself through greed, hunger for power, or
fear of loss. Learn to strip such ego delusions from their seductive
lingerie. It will carry you far beyond your self-created limitations.
Scorpio knows how to penetrate through all veils, if only you put your
mind and concentrated effort into it. Herein lies your greatest power!