Volume 7

Earthlit News

Raising Consciousness for Personal and Planetary Harmony

November 22 2006         Vol 7

“What I am trying to say is hard to say and hard to tell, unless you have been yourself at the edge of the Deep Canyon and have come back unharmed.

Maybe it all depends on something within yourself – whether you are trying to see the Water Snake or the Sacred Cornflower, whether you go out to Seek Life or to Meet Death.

It is like this: as long as you stay within the realm of the Great Cloud beings, you may indeed walk at the very edge of the Deep Canyon and not be harmed. You will be protected by the Rainbow and the Great Ones, you will have no reason to worry and no reason to be sad. You may fight the wicked, and if you can meet them with a heart that does not tremble, the fight will make you stronger.

It will help you to attain your goal in life; it will give you strength to help others, to be loved and liked, and to Seek Life.”

Words of an Elder from the San Juan Pueblo

Notes for Sun in Sagittarius

Freedom, enthusiasm, vitality, humor, and intuition are trademarks of Sagittarius. This fire sign’s expansive energy is in pursuit of cosmological questions.

Metaphysical answers are found through looking inward. Science on the other hand relies on the five senses to gather empirical data, and then uses inference to order the results. While logical processes govern the latter, the former supplies insight through intuition. It is the difference between truth and fact, left-brain and right-brain activity.

With Sagittarius truth is relative. What is meaningful to one person may be incomprehensible to another. Sagittarian truth needs to be discovered. Real insight comes with practical life experience, not with theoretical knowledge alone. The insecurity some people face with their own philosophical understanding can motivate them to force their own limited understanding onto others. Nothing could be farther from truth. Spiritual and religious teachings lose their power when they turn into doctrines.

Sagittarius also relates to natural values. This is common sense combined with respect for all life. By free choice human beings adopt ways and behaviors that are not in union with these innate principles. This misalignment causes massive cataclysm on personal, collective, as well as on a planetary level.

Sagittarius reminds us of the vitality and inner radiance that shines forth when we do remember, honor, and cultivate what is natural. It brings forth our inherent strength to rise above difficulties and predicaments, and to laugh no matter how things might look or seem.