Volume 9

Earthlit News

Raising Consciousness for Personal and Planetary Harmony

January 20 2007        Vol 9

With the living threads of Your beauty my winsome wings were woven. Endowed with a spark of immortality I have flown form life to life. I escape from all who audaciously try to possess me; I belong only to You. No transience enthralls me; my true home is Your Changeless Spirit.

May I learn to recognize in the bright soul-galaxies of friendships, the One Great Friend smiling at me radiantly and clearly!”

Paramahansa Yogananda

Notes for Sun in Aquarius

People who think similarly can understand each other. But like-mindedness is often tied to circumstances. When circumstances change, the association ceases to exist. These relationships are conditional; they are for a season or for a reason. A true friend, however, is always a friend, no matter what. Aquarius teaches us the difference between an acquaintance, colleague, ally, comrade, companion, buddy, and a friend. Still, any relationship can express unconditional love.

The Aquarian person sees him or herself as a citizen of the world, and strives to find standards of conduct that are equitable to all. This humanitarian energy of gentle benevolence and compassionate interaction extends to all people, animals, plants, minerals, to the entire planet and the cosmos. In its most refined state it embodies traits of divinity that grow into the power of universal love.

On a personal level the Aquarian energy serves to individuate. At a certain point in this process it is necessary to do one’s own thing regardless of what others think, or whether they support this. It can be difficult for Aquarius to break free from the sheltered environment of a peer group, yet it is necessary for personal growth.

Aquarius learns through identifying and then eliminating what is not right before finding what is right. It helps us reflect, to see clearly and dispassionately what needs to change. With detachment the old and tired views, habits, and behaviors can be discarded. On the other hand, this ability to be detached may also originate from trauma or emotional repression. In the latter case it sometimes leads to the psychopathology of sadism. These people experience the repressed wounds of their own psyche vicariously through inflicting pain on others who “deserve it”.

This sign of the Zodiac is unpredictable and fast thinking. It also symbolizes the future at odds with a world that seems so far behind in thinking, acting, and with current lifestyles. It is the energy of rebellion we recognize in the teenagers who take everything their society has established for granted. In their angry and arrogant way they think they know everything better. As revolutionary as it can be, some of these elements are necessary for social change.

Until enough people begin to think and act in a new way, those who already do, form subgroups within society. By the mainstream they are often considered radical, weird, or just different. Every era needs people who point the way toward a better future. Many may indeed be too radical, but some carry the seed of genius. They know how to stay in touch with reality, while working patiently on developing and sharing their trailblazing ideas. When necessary they have the strength to stand alone. Their inspiration lives on for centuries.