Volume 19

Earthlit News

Raising Consciousness for Personal and Planetary Harmony

June 19, 2010    Vol 19

“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.”

Rabindranath Tagore

Summer Solstice – Celebrating the Light of Awareness

The metaphysical power and psychological effects associated with planets and their pertinent positions can be used to aid personal and planetary evolution. This year’s Summer Solstice has planets aligning with the Sun to form a geometrically balanced pattern in the shape of a square. The energetic qualities of a Grand Cross are challenging as they pull in the 4 major directions simultaneously – a celestial Don Quixote. Great tension, conflict, and extreme difficulties in achieving goals or resolution are the workings of the diametrically opposing forces.

The slower moving planets are forming a T-Square with the Sun filling in the 4th corner to shape a Grand Cross. The T-Square presents similar difficulties and challenges. The empty corner makes it somewhat vulnerable and instable. At the same time this is the resolution for the dynamic tension. When filled in with the required qualities, the reaped benefits are awesome: great strength, acquired skill in overcoming obstacles, and steadfastness in pursuing goals.

So rather than concentrating on a stymied Grand Cross, it is useful to view the current planetary alignment as a T-Square that “got lucky” with the transiting Sun. Since Solstice is a window of opportunity, a time of great change, this energy can increase the light of conscious awareness. As the Sun moves on, the T-Square will be left for us to deal with. The gained realizations add required stability. Once a month the Moon will pass over this same resolution point. If evolutionary awareness comes through now, the returning Moon will add sensible attunement with what is required at that time.

Uranus plays a big part in this ongoing pattern (one of the T-Square corners) and will help to create momentum for change. Uranus in Aries strikes out of the blue like a lightning bolt – truly unruly. So whatever is unresolved or at odds may erupt in a firestorm of angry combustion. The result is chaos, like a disaster area following explosion. The survivors need lots of time to process their trauma. Even when they succeed, life will never be the same. Needless to say, this type of change is not the most desirable.

When conscious awareness is the guiding light, disaster can be avoided. Uranus in Aries is also a great liberator. A mind freed from conditioning will persevere under challenges. Then Uranus in Aries helps your mind to be most creative with pioneering inventions. If your goals are clear, your own efforts create the momentum for desired manifestation. This is self-empowered success, one of the most rewarding feelings.

Jupiter in Aries is also a constituent of this T-Square, doubling up on Uranus’ energy. Jupiter’s role is to support natural principles. This has not yet been understood collectively and the combined energies will thus find new ways of getting the message across. What is true will ultimately prevail. It is seen in a balance of head and heart, of logic and intuition. When you master this balance, Jupiter is there to help you to expand your projects in successful directions.

Saturn opposes both Uranus and Jupiter. In Virgo the consciousness is focused on analysis – or on denial wherever awareness or truth is still repressed. When analysis prevails, it solves many problems. Saturn energy tends to thwart and weigh down; delays and difficulties are to be expected. On the other hand, its opposition to Uranus might well keep the truly unruly energy in check. Saturn’s discipline and focus brings practical answers. This ongoing process will also move toward a search for balance once Saturn reaches Libra. In Libra it helps with negotiations to lay the groundwork for new structures. Uranus’ global consciousness will invent it to be equitable to all, and Jupiter ensures to keep the big picture.

The other important force is Pluto in Capricorn, squared by the three aforementioned planets. Pluto is busy with enforcing lessons of control and loss thereof. It operates almost entirely in the unconscious realms. The hypocrisy of saying one thing and doing another, the hunger for power with its resulting exclusive actions, and the suppression of feelings are all part of this. Guilt plays a major role too, both acquired guilt, and guilt caused by wrong action. The purging of the acquired guilt alone could change individual and collective consciousness dramatically. There is still time, so here is the key: look at your own shortcomings, hidden vulnerability, weaknesses, and suppressed guilt complexes. What makes you feel powerless, strangely worthless despite rationally dismissing it? The answers will unlock deeply buried emotions. Although it may not feel good, it is the key to what has been bottled up and twisted beyond recognition. It must now finally be untangled to heal many lifetimes of suppressing and distorting the natural emotional body. Once this is done, it feels really, really good – peacefully grounding and empowering.

The Sun opposing Pluto enters the water sign of Cancer at Solstice. This solar energy reminds us that these emotional qualities are essential in fulfilling life’s purpose. Thoughts create emotions (reactions to thoughts). These emotions tend to enforce the associated thoughts, thus a perpetuating loop is created. In order to see a different perspective, it becomes necessary to first release the emotional content. This takes time and effort. The longer a pattern is in place the deeper it becomes ingrained.

Feeling what there is to feel is the door to awareness, a physiological reaction that leaves you transformed. Through connecting the body with thoughts to allow the alchemy of emotional release, you prepare the way for healthy relationship patterns. Through clearing emotional toxicity, the darkness of the past becomes the fertile ground for the seeds of becoming. The seeds of becoming are the gathered efforts of realizing inner security. The tears of healing provide the water for germination. Growth, and a chance to fruition manifest over time through renewed vitality. As the solar energies change direction, let go of what can’t be controlled. By purging dark emotions and redundant thoughts of limitation, you overcome the obstructions mirrored by all these squared and crossed celestial dynamics. Regaining emotional freedom adds strength from conquered challenges.

During the shifting world cycle, cataclysm is avoided with choice of the right path at the crossroads. My next newsletter will cross-reference this Summer Solstice’s Grand Cross and carry-over into a prolonged T-Square with other conspicuous patterns. This will include the Grand Trine at the first Harmonic Convergence, and an upcoming Yod. It will contain a discussion of the energies involved, and how to derive meaning and evolutionary direction.