Volume 20

Earthlit News

Raising Consciousness for Personal and Planetary Harmony

December 21, 2010   Volume 20


All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them”.  Galileo Galilei


Winter Solistice 2010 – A Call to Light

Natural truths are part of reality, which exists of itself. Comprehending such truths is like a breath of fresh air or a kind word. You acknowledge it without an explanation, because you can use any of your senses – including common sense and intuition (your 6thsense) – to verify it.

This winter solstice occurs on a full moon, which also happens to be an eclipse. Even more than on a “regular” solstice this calls in the light to balance darkness. In the land of the light human beings are a reflection of spirit. In the land of darkness their shadow makes them forget this.

When you cultivate what is good, true, and in harmony with nature, you remember yourself as a spiritual being with a human experience. You awaken to higher vibrations, and serve as a constituent of Love, Light, and Truth. All that comes is good, because you accept it, and you give your best in the course of events. You understand that what matters is the effort, not the outcome. Challenges are part of an imperfect world, where you choose good to become a little better one step at the time. ‘Better’ is measured by the amount of peace in your mind and in your heart.

The shadow, on the other hand, is a symbol of the dark side – the sustained ability to choose negatively in order to avoid change, to remain separate and attached to what is. Can you imagine taking issue with how our bodies’ shadow moves and intertwines with other shadows? It is nonetheless very important to distinguish the shadow from the actual body so as not to get confused. The same is true with the mental or emotional shadows. Doubt, skepticism, fear, hopelessness, anger, jealousy and so on, have the effect of producing negativity.

These states are and always will be a mere shadow belonging to the world of darkness. Before realizing it to be a shadow, there is a tendency to act as though it were substantial by giving it too much time and too much power. Once these states are identified for what they actually are, it is possible, although still not usually easy, to liberate from their delusive grip.

This winter solstice is conspicuous for another reason as well. It marks the 2-year period preceding the end of the Mayan calendar. The metaphysical power and psychological effects associated with planets and their pertinent positions can aid personal and planetary evolution. Two years is Mars’ orbit around the Sun, and Mars is associated with desire and the ability to act upon them. This would suggest that what you consciously recognize now is worked out and manifested in two years. The momentum of Mars can be used to direct personal intention in whatever way desired.

You can choose to be reclusive and remain in the two-dimensional shadow world of bondage and inertia. Or you can decide to step into a reality where the light rules the shadows of darkness. This is the preferred scenario, because it leads to evolution – the process of overcoming obstacles and limitation through awareness that brings change.

Taking this last point all the way to its extreme for inspiration on how to utilize Mars in your life: it has been said that a self-realized soul, an avatar, neither casts a shadow nor leaves any footprints. In their enlightened state, avatars do not merely reflect spirit, they have become one with it – hence no imprints, and no shadow. The footprints are a metaphor for karma – the history, continued effect, and result of past actions. Ultimately, avatars represent the human potential to first choose good, non-attachment, and complete freedom of spirit, and then to act accordingly 100% of the time. In my opinion you will have more than two years to practice. But why not act as though every moment was, or counted up to be your last?