Cosmic Connections

Cosmic Connections
by Katharina Wehrli

This article was published in the May/June 2003 issue of Spirit of Change Magazine

Within this article we are going to explore the cosmic forces behind the development of global imbalance. A direction towards change from this position will be presented. Clearly the most immediate issue is the integrity of the planet’s biosphere so it will continue to support human, animal and plant life. With the destruction of the Earth’s biosphere by human interference many life forms are becoming extinct on a daily basis. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi are now forced to mutate in order to survive. This is due primarily to pesticides, herbicides, as well as increasing aggressive medical intervention in the form of allopathic drugs. In turn this presents an ever expanding challenge for many species to sustain their life as their immune system can not adapt fast enough to the mutating organisms. Along with the pollution and progressive disintegration of the biosphere, massive cataclysmic Earth events are also taking place in an incremental fashion. Extreme weather conditions, increased radiation due to the absence of the ozone layer, and global warming are some of the results. These are only a few examples to illustrate that the organism we call Earth is alive and reacting on a large scale to human activity.

What needs to happen within human consciousness to alert us sufficiently, and remind us to head towards balance and integrity on a global level? The planet itself is reacting on an ever increasing level to the disintegration caused by humans. It is only a matter of time before all this will become so alarming and threatening to human life that there will be no choice but to change. On the other hand there is also an inner orientation in consciousness that is likely to shift the very way humans in Western civilizations relate to the Source. Much misunderstanding and confusion is associated with the spiritual impulse to be one with the Source. The Source is who and what gives and sustains all life. In order to be truly spiritual, the understanding of human experience on Earth needs to be rooted in a deep respect for all life. Nevertheless, in its eager efforts to spiritualize its experience, humanity seems to have lost this basic respect. We have adopted an attitude that all life on Earth is here to serve us. How can we modern people find a way back to a natural spirituality and balanced way of living?

Our scientists tell us that in all likelihood we are the only inhabited planet in our galaxy. If this is indeed the case, it only augments the severity of the issues at hand. For all life in this galaxy the blue print is contained within its center. In this sense the center of our galaxy is the immediate starting place, the generator of all manifested life forms within the Milky Way. It is intrinsic that the revelations for perceiving the reality and deeper truths of the Source of life in our galaxy lies within its center. From a geocentric point of view this galactic center is located in the zodiac belt in the sign Sagittarius. In evolutionary astrology Sagittarius is associated with the empirical truth of natural principles and cosmological understanding. From this follows that we are lined up with the Milky Way’s center through natural directives. This seems to suggest a viable solution for the dilemma of modern living. Is it not logical to conclude that the way to restore balance on the planet needs to take place over human beings’ acceptance of nature and its inherent dynamic workings as the source of all life on Earth?

Our planet’s axis spins backwards once around the entire zodiac within approximately 25,800 years, and this phenomenon is the basis for the astrological ages. During the past 2000 years the influence of the Piscean age prevailed on Earth. It is associated with faith, spiritual belief and the religion of Christianity. Around 500 B.C.E. the Essene culture was established in the Middle East region to usher in the expected Messiah. It was a new way of living and thinking that was in fact initiated by Jesus, and eventually lead to what we now know as the Christian religion. Through the natural progression of the zodiacal eras, two thousand years later we find ourselves in the 500 year time span preceding the Aquarian age. Commonly referred to as the New Age, this movement heralds yet another new way of thinking, living and cultivating spirituality. It embraces many different methods and pathways to experience union with the Source. They are based on tolerance and acceptance, knowing and experiencing rather than believing.

The Piscean age on the other hand is characterized by the righteous stance of “our way is the right way and the only way”. This is true not only for the Christian religion, but for other contemporary religions as well. The religion becomes the excuse for much inhumane treatment of others who do not believe in the one way the dominant religious group dictates. The Christian Inquisition of the medieval times is one example; women being stoned to death for having gotten pregnant out of wedlock in certain Islamic countries even today is another. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ and Osama Bin Laden’s crusade on September 11, 2001 fit this category as well. Of course, these acts of violence are not seen as such by those who commit them, but as an effort of cleansing, correcting or improving those who are “wrong.” The most unspeakably cruel crimes in recorded history seem to have been committed in the name of blind faith in this punishing God.

We are living in a time/space-based universe where everything manifests through opposite polarities such as hot and cold, night and day, soft and hard, etc. This is also reflected in a cosmic cycle we are part of here on Earth. It is called the great galactic cycle. It consists of an implied motion by which the Sun revolves around a grand center, the seat of the creative power, the universal magnetism. This center is of a subtle electromagnetic and spiritual nature. It cannot be verified on the material plane. Nevertheless, the center of the Milky Way galaxy mentioned above is its physical correlation. The location where the Sun is closest to this magnetic center coincides with the time of most spiritual knowledge. The point farthest from the center equals the darkest time where the mind becomes so dense that it can no longer grasp anything beyond the gross material level. Picture the great galactic cycle as an indefinitely alternating sequence of expansion and contraction. Expansion equaling light, contraction darkness. Moreover, the phase of light reflects refined spiritual human consciousness and the phase of darkness equals gross materialistic perception only.

The Piscean age we are leaving behind coincides with the darkest and most materialistic phase within the great galactic cycle. Tolerance for differences has been minimal and much injustice and violence has been committed under the banner of religion. Human consciousness has been influenced greatly by this darkness. The prime example is the worldwide rise to power of Western materialism. Even so, we are now in an ascending phase, which is why there is also such a dawning awareness of spiritual values on the planet today. The law of opposites is apparent here. Just like the seasons on Earth which cycle between extremes of winter and summer, the ascending and descending galactic epochs of light and dark obey the law of complementary opposites.

During the peak of the last dark era around 500 C.E. there was no country on the planet in peace; people worshipped gross materialism. Human intellect had lost its power to grasp knowledge of spirit and divine magnetism, as well as an awareness of the energetic nature of all life. In the following centuries, human consciousness began to slowly grasp an initial understanding of the teachings on the electromagnetic nature of the Universe. It is important to understand that we are currently at the beginning of this development. A sign of refinement in human consciousness is the emergence of many techniques in energy healing now being explored and cultivated. Modern sciences such as quantum physics and chemistry have also joined metaphysics in understanding the energetic nature of our universe. Yet, the power of awareness to fully grasp the principles of universal magnetism is limited as we are still very close to the darkest point in the great galactic cycle. The polarity of maximum light lies approximately 11’000 years in the distant future. In times to come human consciousness is headed toward esoteric comprehension and progressively toward the light of spiritual awakening.

Apart from people living in isolated indigenous cultures, the human way of life in today’s world is heavily influenced by the patriarchal concepts of greed, self interest and exploitation. This way of life gained power several thousand years ago. It was around that same time that the matriarchal culture disintegrated. Slowly but steadily war and conquest replaced the peaceful ways of the former cultures. Patriarchal societies embrace religions which worship the sky gods and esteem mental and spiritual qualities, while suppressing the physical, emotional and sexual dimensions of the previous earth-based goddesses and religions. This repression of the senses has led to the development of an undefined sense of guilt and shame in the psyche of modern human beings just for having these emotions and sexual desires in the first place. This unnatural, conditioned guilt is expressed through either a pattern of atonement through unnecessary suffering, or through behaviors of hurting and punishing others out of the same sense of guilt and repression. Both of these patterns can be closely linked to modern religious thinking and principles of original sin, punishment, and atonement. Only human beings kill for greed, sheer power, or religious beliefs. No other creature on this planet kills for other reasaons than immediate survival needs such as food, territory, and protection of their young. With humans, however, most wars have been and still are fought to implement the agendas of power hungy or fanatical men. Their hearts have been shut down by emotional repression.

Our spiritual impulse to be one with the Source is often mixed with idealism and perfection. Since the Source in our polarized Universe contains both the principle of light as well as dark, this suggests that the origin of life itself (the Source) is “imperfect”, always evolving. Nothing is perfect within our manifest universe. This concept is foreign, not to mention sacrilegious, from the viewpoint of modern religions. Through observation of the natural forces and cycles it becomes clear that perfection is a human invention serving to elevate some qualities and degrade others. The need for perfection can be viewed as the fear of insecurity and an artificial way of controlling life. It is not possible to embrace life without darkness. Jesus himself said: “May the one who is free from sin cast the first stone.”

The idealism in thinking that there is a perfect way to do and have things really is an illusion. Herein lies the attitude of self-righteousness and disrespect for those whose ways differ, as well as the contemptuous exploiting attitude that nature is here to serve us. These are results of our limited view of the Source. Evolution is the metamorphosis of limitations and the collaboration of our human effort with the creative Universe. The real challenge is to make an effort to associate with the true Source and evolve towards the light and all that is compassionate and benevolent. In this way a return to natural principles and balanced way of life is a self-operating feature. From a natural point of view there is no superiority and inferiority. All things are coordinated equally. This is why seeing life within natural rhythms and interrelated patterns is the way to heal the scars of this predicament of idealism and perfection. The search for a more natural way of living and an all-encompassing spirituality is an honorable cause. It serves to recreate an attitude of respect towards all life.

Awareness of our cosmic connections and of the great galactic cycle may help us to accept the darkness that seems to have overcome this planet on a global level. It may give us a sense of trust that divine manifestation is indeed at work. Instead of blaming the world’s global ills on others, we can become supportive and work toward creating a better world in a step by step process. We all need to help each other even under the most disgraceful circumstances. What matters in life is the effort to do good, not necessarily the outcome. This is the practical application of a natural spirituality. Consequently, forgiveness and tolerance become the vehicles to transcending our own and other people’s shortcomings. Critical judgement, artificial guilt, and the need for blame can thus be relieased from our consciousness. This experience is a felt sense and therefore a direct way of accepting and aligning with life as it naturally occurs. Here is how we reach into the depths of our own experience to make deep and lasting impressions on the evolution of our soul, and by extension of the human species.

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