From Karma to Dharma – Meeting your Planetary Destiny Points with Evolutionary Location Astrology

From Karma to Dharma

Meeting your Planetary Destiny Points with Evolutionary Location Astrology

By Katharina Wehrli

Pathfinder Magazine March 2014

A shorter version of this article is in the Pathfinder Magazine March 2014 edition

With modern computer programs now easily available, location astrology has become a major asset in positioning clients for optimal life success. People seek insight for permanent or temporary reasons, due to career, relationship, or family matters, or just for a sojourn to heal from illness or a traumatic event, to get married, to join an expedition, or to recharge their battery. The main portion of location astrology consists of different mapping systems, wherein planets of the birth chart convert to lines around the globe. Once we understand the time/space-related differences within these systems, it becomes clear how certain areas resonate in a personally relevant way. All US presidents of this and last century who held office for more than one term, for example, had one or several powerful planetary lines running through Washington DC. President Reagan was the only exception. His planetary power lines went across California, in proximity to both Los Angeles and Sacramento.

Circumstances change throughout an individual’s life, and relocation may be needed more than once. Transiting outer planets pinpoint potential timeframes. Probably all astrologers who deal with location use similar tools and methods in one way or another. An evolutionary astrologer, however, additionally synthesizes the mapping systems of location astrology with special parameters. Centered around the soul’s developmental journey through many lifetimes, these parameters focus on planets most favorable for learning life lessons and dealing gracefully with karmic conditions.

“We can overcome any limitation, because we created it by our own actions in the first place, and because we have spiritual resources that are not subject to planetary pressure.” Swami Sri Yukteswar

The evolutionary approach has soul centered reasons and answers for why we attract specific circumstances in life. By eliminating victim’s stance and convenient excuses, it puts the individual in charge of his or her destiny. With the use of the birth chart as basic blueprint, the major evolutionary and karmic dynamics can be determined. This provides fundamentally relevant search criteria above and beyond the conventional rules of location astrology. In considering optimal conditions we can thus discover and consequently emphasize planetary lines that may otherwise go unnoticed. Along these lines internal energies and external influences magnify over time to support personal evolution – Dharma. Places on or near those lines reveal prime locations for the progression of the soul’s journey.

And so we see that the reasons for choosing/preferring certain lines are highly individual, they are also first found in the birth chart along with a person’s circumstances and conditions, not in the maps. This is the evolutionary astrologer’s discriminating edge in targeting prime locations. People tend to remain stagnant or in victim’s stance when overwhelmed with too many challenges. While the basic signature of the birth chart keeps evolving through our creative efforts, moving off difficult planetary lines can make evolutionary lessons graspable, and karmic retributions more endurable. Sometimes people live on such challenging lines for many years before having the good karma of meeting a competent evolutionary location astrologer to guide them into more manageable territory. This illustrates beautifully the concept of karmic retribution. Depending on a particular soul’s highly individual past life history, a natal chart with certain planets in fixed signs combined with stressful aspects could mean that karma must be worked off by earning freedom over time.

Let’s look at an example to make the aforementioned principles more practical. On a setting Pluto line the need for balancing disproportionate relationship dynamics and issues around self- empowerment is evident. Someone might compulsively repeat the same self-effacing or over-assertive behaviors. This person would likely also encounter exploitative, undermining treatment, and/or become other people’s projection screen for their manipulative subconscious agendas of whatever they themselves do not or cannot face. Once the person moved away from that line, he or she would find more balance in relationships both with self and others. If the birth chart also contained this same signature of Pluto stressfully aspected to Venus, the individual would then be more capable of rising above previously automatic self-defeating responses, and he/she would also be confronted less frequently with ungraceful projections from others. What is more, this individual would not only find it much easier to understand others’ reasons and agendas, but also be able to clearly pinpoint from within the karmic or evolutionary core dynamics and root causes for attracting encounters of this nature through others. Although these core dynamics and root causes cannot be made to disappear, we see how location astrology can help make them manageable. Thus, self-empowerment through taking outward progressive steps and internal responsibility for all situations and circumstances one finds oneself in, is a way to paying karmic debts and/or to making progress on the developmental ladder of soul evolution.

An evolutionary astrologer can also help a client with developmental issues by picking a specific planetary line that will have the effect
of bringing existing planetary aspects of the birth chart forward or to a head. Depending on the planets and issues in question, this can encourage creative solutions, increase health and prosperity, step up perseverance and willingness to cooperate with circumstances, remove fear or self doubt and thus reduce inner and outer stress, soften confrontation, and relieve frustration. A particular planetary line may also be chosen for a shorter timeframe or to achieve a specific goal. Examples include retreating for spiritual growth, for healing or recreation, to bring an evolutionary or karmic requirement to a head, to meet likeminded people, to write a book or thesis, to find a life partner, to conceive a child, to add structure and discipline for a teenager’s eduction.

Once a location stands the test, concentration shifts towards how best to place an individual locally, such as for example East or West of a city. Internet technology adds geographic tools. Virtually zooming into locations down to neighborhoods and individual buildings can be used to optimize home and workplace. When moving to a new location, people are usually in a position to choose their new residence. Where we position ourselves relative to our work place and other frequently visited locations plays an important part in our daily routine. Local space astrology points the way to easy, safe local travel and commute. Furthermore, the right home can aid greatly in enhancing personal energy flow. Directional planetary lines interface with geographic positioning and architectural layout. I combine this with the ancient Chinese (Feng Shui) as well as the Indian (Vastu Shastra) systems of spacial arrangement and orientation. Placement of furniture, such as aligning a desk for concentration or a bed for undisturbed sleep, brings harmony to home and workspace.

When the client is ready to explore a target location, the astrologer can assist with timing an actual visit. This entails practical applications of transits and dynamic aspect developments of personal planets, which supplies clients with guidance for traveling. I also give recommendations for preparations, and guidelines for things to do while visiting a chosen location.

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