Natural Spirituality

Natural Spirituality

by Katharina Wehrli

This article was published by Aspire Magazine in their Feb/March 2007 edition

Great changes are underway for humanity and the entire planet. They are disconcerting because of the in massive environmental, economic, political, and personal imbalances. Simultaneously they carry tremendous potential for spiritual growth. During these changing times it becomes important to focus on behavioral patterns that limit our receptivity to love and harmony with all people and the natural environment. Thus, healthy responses begin to emerge from within, and our consciousness expands in the realm of natural truths that respect all life.

Human beings are equipped with the ability to overcome the cycles of life and death, growth and decay. Saints and sages of all times are the living proof. Since the manifested creation is an invention of the Source, it is only fair that we, who are made in the image of the Great Spirit, should have a way to merge with that which created us. The soul is the infinite image of the Source within each human being. When we learn to identify with the soul rather than with the ego and the senses, we are on our way to enlightenment. Gradually, and with much perseverance we can advance on this path. Devotion is the vehicle that accomplishes the merging.

On our way to ascension it is necessary to become aware of those desires that are not created by genuine needs. Such desires hinder spiritual growth. Even so, suppressing emotions, or desires we are not ready to let go of, will result in distortion. Modern belief systems are inundated with such distortions. They suppress natural feelings in favor of artificial concepts and dogmatic thoughts of perfection. This led to perversion such as hypocrisy, manipulation, dominance, submission, and unnecessary guilt.

Restrictive sets of conduct have been passed on for many centuries. They are subconscious and play out in ways that perpetuate dysfunction. From birth they influence every member of society in a chain reaction. Healing and personal growth work may be successful. Yet, these collective patterns remain unrecognized. They continue to wield their destructive influences.

During these changing times of intense polarization it becomes important to liberate from such deeply ingrained obsolete attitudes.

Soul growth is dependent on a desire to recognize mistakes, and to improve through their correction. The Source is represented in love, in harmony, and in all that is good and true. Suppression as a means to an end cannot replace true soul growth.

Seeing life within natural rhythms and interrelated patterns provides cognitive tools to recognize such negative cultural conditions. Thus they can be purged from the subconscious mind, and limiting conduct, attitudes, and beliefs are changed from within. This process rearranges the fundamental structure of personal reality. Instead of looking for direction from external authority figures, alignment with inner truth points the way toward natural evolution. As a result people are empowered to draw spiritual strength from their own soul. Thus they attract appropriate conditions and life experiences. Those who make this inner shift become magnets for one another. Now the social chain reaction is set in motion once more. Only this time it is with constructive patterns that are liberating and equitable to all.

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