The Comprehensive Holistic System of Polarity Therapy

The Comprehensive Holistic System Of Polarity Therapy

By Katharina Wehrli

This Article was published in The Pathfinder Magazine  January/February 2010 edition

Randolph Stone, a practitioner of Naturopathy, Chiropractic, and Osteopathy founded Polarity Therapy in the earlier part of last century.  He practiced and taught this discipline for over 50 years. Dr. Stone tested his theory and practice on his own body, mind, and soul. His lifestyle was simple. He honored nature, and remained humble. His spiritual principles were based on the paradigm of reincarnation.

In his early practice Dr. Stone discovered that despite skilled manipulation, patients returned to his office with the same problems and ailments only all too often. Eventually he realized that it was the strength of the life force that caused the apparent manifestations of health and illness alike. Whenever a person’s energy was balanced, health would result. Likewise, with blockages on either the physical, mental, or emotional level, disease or chronic conditions were present. So, Dr. Stone recognized that his practitioner skills were ineffective as long as he did not address the life force itself.

This is how Polarity Therapy came into being. Today there are thousands of practitioners worldwide. In this country the American Polarity Therapy Association has a highly professional code of ethics and guidelines of practice. Polarity Therapy consists of 4 main aspects: energy bodywork, exercises, nutritional guidelines, and communication. It is helpful with acute or chronic illness, injury, stress management, and mental or emotional issues.

Polarity energy bodywork addresses both, the inherent vitality of the system and the blockages therein. For the latter, there is a complex subtle anatomy to help restore the unobstructed flow of the life force. Polarity practitioners employ methods not unlike Acupuncturists, except that instead of needles they use their fingers. In Polarity the inherent positive, neutral, and negative energy charge of the practitioner’s fingers serve as a conduit.

Some of the Polarity bodywork is subtle with gentle laying on of hands. At other times the practitioner will use rocking motion for a client’s limb or torso to stimulate the life force. And sometimes the mode of operation is deep touch with holding in one spot or massaging a particular area to target tense muscles.

As an osteopathic physician, Dr. Stone was one of the first Craniosacral therapists as well. He used Craniosacral therapy to revitalize the patient’s energy system, or to help restore a damaged nerve or nervous system. Nowadays Craniosacral is also known as a very effective tool in the rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injuries.

Increasing the flow of life force in the system means to quicken the healing process. Vitality is a function of inner radiance. With Craniosacral therapy it is possible to tap into the radiant core of a client’s system when a person may be weak from illness, stress, or immobilized due to injury.

What we do is not only important; it effects change. Polarity exercises, the 2nd component of this system, help to strengthen the inherent capacity of our body to heal itself. Specific exercises and meditations or visualizations are given in context of particular issues, ailments, or injuries. Polarity exercises include a form of yoga, and the use of sound to help open up blocked energy channels.

Equally important to what we do is what we take in. The 3rd aspect of Polarity is nutrition and cleansing. Specific foods are seen in connection with particular elements. If you felt tense or lacked focus, for example, you’d benefit from eating warming, grounding foods such as root vegetables associated with the Earth element.

Food and water can also be used to cleanse the body. The Polarity Liver Flush is a simple dietary cleanse, which will not weaken a frail body. The whole idea of cleansing is much like the oil change and 30,000 or 50,000-mile service of a car. You can do it or not do it. If you do it, it will greatly enhance continued optimal performance of the system.

What we do and what we take in is important, but what we think is essential. Polarity’s 4th constituent is communication. The interaction of client and practitioner ensures that the intentions, goals, boundaries, and expectations on both sides are laid out clearly. Above and beyond the contract of healing, communication tunes into the psychological aspects of the mind, where the toughest energetic blocks are found. Our thinking habits make us feel secure even when these thoughts limit our scope.

Dr. Stone employed astrology to help understand the workings of his patients’ mind and emotional body. Next to grasping the deep-seated psychological habits from the past and past lives, astrology is an invaluable tool when determining the current as well as future intentions and directions. It gives insight to why we are here, what we are meant to accomplish, and how to go about it. Personal timing through transits and progressions aids the planning of important events. For optimal performance in their environment, clients’ geographic position is determined with the help of astrocartography, local space, and geodetic planetary lines.

As a last aspect of Polarity communication, humanity’s social and cultural history must also be considered. We carry this history in our genes and in our psyche. The past few millennia were plagued by religious dogma that indoctrinated fear and unnatural guilt. It is vital to understand how human history subconsciously affects our behavior and relationship with self and others. There are ways to cleanse these collective subconscious imprints of the past. This therapeutic perspective along with an understanding of trauma and the need for its resolution is integrated into Polarity as well.

Last but not least, in holistic therapies as opposed to allopathic medicine, the practitioner does not “onto” the client, but “with” the client. Healing is the result, granted by the Great Laws of the Universe. When healing does not occur, it is often not a sign of failure on the practitioner’s part or the lack of participation from the client. Conditions sometimes remain due to karmic retribution or evolutionary necessity. In this context the effort is more important than the outcome. Acknowledging this can be very comforting.

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