Working With the Soul

Working with the Soul

by Katharina Wehrli

A slight variation of this article was published in the Spring 2006 edition of “Energy”, the Amercian Polarity Therapy Association’s newletter.

The current human oblivion to the sacredness of life’s natural principles has resulted in massive environmental, economic, political, and personal imbalance. Simultaneously, spiritual interests are growing everywhere. In a fast changing world it is important to focus on unnatural behaviors that limit receptivity to love and harmony with all people and the environment. Outdated beliefs and unquestioned psychological responses are the imprints of past experiences. Habit and a deeply rooted need for security and consistency perpetuate them. With an underlying resistance to change, however, this security is delusive.

In my practice I wondered why many clients did not seem to improve despite a committed spiritual practice, as well as much therapeutic counseling and life coaching. Eventually it became clear that the answer was found in the mindset with which we were approaching healing and wholeness, not in the specific methods themselves. The thing that struck me most was that many people seemed to be at a loss with their negative psychological conditioning. They simply did not know how to purge outdated behavior and beliefs from their repertoire. Many of them were not even aware that they were there. When I focused on why my clients attracted their particular situation, a new dynamic emerged. With this shift things became lot more exciting.

In the past decade I worked on fine tuning my understanding and healing skills with this asset. Even so, I intuitively knew that there was still more to it. The center within each person from where the driving force originates is the soul. In order to explain it in a more graspable manner, the concept of the soul needs to be put into the perspective of successive lifetimes.

Within one life we undergo many changes. Hopefully we also evolve our consciousness through wisdom. The soul is not the body, mind, or emotional content, but rather the consciousness that gives rise to all of them. It is the core, the energetic entity that merely changes form. After death the soul prevails in the astral realms. At some point when the conditions are right, it takes on human life in another body. This process continues until all desires for earthly experiences are fulfilled. Then the sole prevailing desire is to know, and be one with the Source.

The situation the soul chooses to be born into is predetermined by the circumstances of the last life. Although not conscious of it, memory of the past continues. Because it makes us feel secure, we cherish and perpetuate what we know. These habits often prevent necessary change. It is the reason why good things or situations we intend to draw into our lives often do not manifest. Our own subconscious matrix of psychological attachment undermines them.

Evolution is the inherent pull and supplication of life toward advancement. Because the soul desires to evolve toward its ultimate goal ­­– merging with the infinite spirit – its evolutionary pull in the end always wins. Whether it does so gradually and gently, or by cataclysm depends on the amount of willful resistance. Consequently, there are no victims, only choices. By removing resistance and aligning ourselves with natural directives, change can take place without cataclysms.

In my work I was striving to understand the soul’s intentions. They are expressed through people’s conscious and subconscious desires. This perspective restructured the foundation of my practice. I began to attract more clients who were willing to change some of their primary outlook on life from within their own psyche. Their question was no longer “Why is this happening to me?” Instead they empowered themselves to ask: “How may I have created this situation?” My role became that of a signpost that pointed out their soul’s evolutionary direction through its specific desires, karmic conditions, and its resistance to change. By understanding their soul’s intentions, these people became increasingly more present. They began to embrace change as the actualizing process of their deepest life purpose.

As I proceeded more successfully in my work, it became clear that the same patterns appeared with different people. The important point was to recognize that the soul’s intentions were not only highly individual, but also conditioned by collective issues.

In recent history the main motion of social evolution gravitated toward individualization. Simultaneously, it moved away from a sense of coherence and connectedness. Rational thought views and processes everything by being apart from it. Actions related to the intellect were now considered superior to actions associated with the emotions.

While rational thinking brought much progress in many areas of life, this overemphasis also crowded out intuition along with the feeling of wholeness. A sense of alienation was fostered and progressively mirrored in all areas of life. People were no longer capable of living in accordance with their true nature. They began to suppress the emotional part of their being. The specific ways in which this occurred resulted in a loss of nurturing, emotional cohesiveness, and inner security.

My goal was to help invite emotionally nurturing qualities back into my client’s lives. Even so, I realized that it was necessary to first purge the redundant suppression. For hundreds of generations the collective has bought into the false belief that there was something wrong with human beings to begin with. It grew into a subliminal sense of not being adequate, of being at fault for having feelings. This core sense of helpless inadequacy led to a subconscious inferiority complex. This is traceable in the neurotic need for faultfinding. It causes people to either give or take blame.

I began to observe the results of these subconscious behavioral programs in collectively accepted actions. Like the pieces in a jigsaw puzzle these different behavioral patterns fit into the whole social picture. Because they are not conscious, they perpetually feed off one another. This creates unnecessary aggression and suffering. Although dysfunctional, this is commonly accepted and considered normal.

The key is to recognize, understand, and then let go of these deeply ingrained subconscious programs. A big part of the work is to simply become aware of how these impulsive behaviors play out in one’s own life. Generating conscious awareness supplies the necessary handle to intentionally and repeatedly dismiss the need for faultfinding along with the urge to blame either self or others.

When we embrace change, we find the courage to let go of the past and build a solid foundation in the present moment. By gaining confidence in the process of becoming, these changes unfold naturally. We discover our innate resources, and begin to not only think, but also feel in new ways. Thus, security is no longer found in the repetitive patterns of the past. Instead, we discover it as inherent wisdom. It is the deep calling of our soul’s evolutionary progression toward wholeness.

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