Baby and Child Chart Readings

As parents you are the custodian of your child’s unfolding process of becoming. Whether the consultation is for your new baby, toddler, preschooler, school age child or even for your teenager, it will give you a well-deserved head-start on personality and developmental issues.Read more

Reading type

Baby/Child Chart Interpretation  $125.00

Your in-person, telephone or Skype consultation is between an hour and 75 min. and includes a digital recording with your choice of transfer via Internet or a mailed CD. You will also receive a PDF file with your child’s artistically designed birth chart for framed display. You will be able to choose from a selection of specialty charts in black or color ink for printout on white, color or fancy patterned paper. This consultation also makes a great shower gift.

Older Children

In my preparatory work with chart interpretations for children one year and beyond I correlate personal information with astrological symbolism. This helps me to learn more about your child and to meet your needs in the most effective ways. Along with the birth date, time and place, and the main issues you intend to address during the consultation, I may ask you for some background questions. This information is exchanged via e-mail at the time or after booking your consultation.

Evolutionary Astrology views the soul’s complex history over many lifetimes. For more information please see Description, my Articles or Books page.


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