What is Soul Centered Astrology and how can a Consultation help?

Life’s challenges are best mastered when we understand who we are. Through our desire for self-knowledge we are making a personal effort to rise above limiting circumstances. Read more

Consultations can take place in person or via telephone. See below for more information on the consultation best suited for your circumstances and individual needs. 

Natal/Dharma Chart Interpretation: this consultation addresses “why” and “what” for understanding your purpose and direction in life. Based on my training and professional experience I also offer two additional areas of expertise: Baby/Child Chart Readings for parents, and Holistic Medical Astrology for health-conscious individuals seeking mind-body wellness.

Natal  Chart Consultation $125.00

Relationship Astrology Consultation: Composite and Synastry chart readings give guidelines for compatibility and successful connection with significant others.

Relationship Astrology Consultation $150.00

Location Astrology: your personal AstroCartoGraphy and Geodetic maps indicate favorable locations for optimal performance, health, and success. Additionally, Local Space lines can  serve as directional indicators as well as astrological feng shui.

Location Astrology Consultation $150.00

Forecast Consultation: Transits, Progressions and Solar Return chart readings indicate right timing of events and give a practical perspective on inner developments. Astrological timing can also function as a life coaching tool for ongoing self-knowledge, which builds on an existing understanding of your patterns and life lessons.

Forecast/Timing Consultation $125.00

How are my Astrological Consultations Structured?

In order to optimize the interpretation of your birth chart and to meet your needs in the most effective ways, I correlate personal information with your astrological symbolism. Therefore, at the time of booking it helps if you are willing to supply some background information. The relevant information depends on the specific consultation you choose. For all consultations your birth date, time, and place is a necessary prerequisite. Here are some helpful tips if you don’t know your birth time.Read more

“Charlatans have brought the stellar science to its present state of disrepute. Astrology is too vast, both mathematically and philosophically, to be rightly grasped except by people of profound understanding. If charlatans misread the heavens, and see there a scrawl instead of a script, that is to be expected in this imperfect world. One should not dismiss the wisdom with the ‘wise.’

Swami Sri Yukteswar  (1855-1936) Galactic Astrologer

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