About the Book

The Healthy Breast Guide

The healthy breast technique combines self-breast massage with breathing, sounds, and personal affirmations. With this manual you can practice in the privacy of your own home. The healthy breast massage will take no more than ten minutes. It’s simple to understand, easy to do, and relaxing. What is more, over time it will improve the relationship you have with your own body and especially also with your breasts. In a time where the female body is on the one hand idealized and on the other hand subject to serious health concerns, the healthy breast massage is most needed for balance of body, mind, and soul.

Some of the healthy breast massage’s benefits are: increased circulation, shaping and firming of breasts, massage of whole body via reflexology, decrease in symptoms of PMS or menopause, relief of menstrual cramps, lymph flush, treatment and reduction of cysts, relaxation, balancing of sex drive, beautification of skin, energy balancing, and increase of conscious awareness.

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About the Author

2014-06-20 03.44.08 2Katharina Wehrli’s work is based on natural healing processes. As a practitioner and teacher she is dedicated to the development of conscious awareness, and to increasing and cultivating the flow of life energy in the body. Katharina has practiced and taught self-breast massage for more than 12 years. Over time she incorporated into the technique mental and emotional concepts to achieve inner security  and self-empowerment.


soul centered astrology, polarity therapy, kundalini yoga, breast health