The Healthy Breast Guide’s chapter “Physical and Physiological Concepts” was featured in the Well Being Journal (Vol 17, No 6)

Our bodies love us and we need to return the love. Read this book, and be guided in expressing that love and helping yourself to heal.

Bernie Siegel, MD. Author of Love, Magic & Mudpies and 365 Prescriptions For The Soul

I found The Healthy Breast Guide most wonderful, filled with important information on the larger picture of health and breast care as well as promoting on going care. The attunement to energy, hands on practices of self care, and the need for women to move towards greater harmony with our bodies are all gently yet clearly stated. I agree with the statement that this book helps women develop and maintain a positive relationship with their own breasts.”

Eleanora Lipton, RPE American Polarity Therapy Association, Board of Directors

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Katharina Wehrli’s helpful manual on breast massage is based on natural healing processes. This positive energy combines components of self-care and health. With this many women can achieve wellness and self-empowerment.

Kristine Diederich, Metro West Daily News, Framingham, MA


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