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“The Why in the Road” provides an expanded perspective and explains Sri Yukteswar’s (1855-1936, an enlightened yogi and galactic astrologer) teachings on the Yugas of the ancient Indian Vedas. He describes that rather than being linear, evolution of human consciousness actually occurs in cycles of contraction and expansion. These cycles are linked with the precession of the Equinoxes and result in increasing and decreasing human awareness. There is evidence of long gone civilizations far more advanced than what we’re currently experiencing. Reading this volume will open your eyes to a deeper understanding of the natural progression of consciousness at this point in time. You will also learn how you can accelerate this process for yourself. Clearing and re-adjusting of subconscious orientations greatly enhances our capacity to evolve past frustrating limitations we encounter in our daily life.

Over great length of time spiritual wisdom and inner soul awareness alternate with ignorance caused by materialistic attachment. War and countless atrocities of recorded history demonstrate what happens when the Yuga cycle is around its peak of oblivion to the sacred principles of life. It is noticeable also in an array of behavioral dysfunctions, diseases, as well as political, economic and environmental crises. Unquestioned beliefs, subconscious emotional patterns, and delusive security needs are also imprints of the dark yugas.

Nevertheless, this great world cycle of the Yugas has once more begun its phase of expansion. Unmistakable signs are mental development through information, electronic intelligence, research in mind/body connection, and energy awareness. Many people also search for a natural spirituality and have begun the transition from outer authority to alignment with the emotional truth of their personal experience. Following their Higher Power of soulful realization is leading them to  serenity with the world, other people and inner security with themselves.

As the great Yuga cycle awakens, consciousness can expand accordingly in the realm of natural truths that respect all life. Imbalance, stress, problems we experience in many relationships, and lack of success are remedied by specific prescriptions that reverse conditioning patterns and heal unresolved traumatic imprints. This spiritually inspiring book offers practical tools of recognition and navigational skills toward happiness.

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About the Author

skskKatharina Wehrli was born and raised in the informal surroundings of an extended Swiss family, in which her father’s parents acted as spiritual teachers. At the age of eighteen she began her career as a nurse’s aid in a small hospital in the Swiss Alps. Within a few months Katharina realized that something was amiss, which marked the beginning of her quest for holistic wellness. Her  intuitive insights became the foundation for her work through a spirituality that includes emotional truth and personal experience. Today she counsels and treats clients of all ages with the pioneering system of soul healing. At the crossroads of our changing times her evolutionary understanding of the yugas helps people cope with challenges and prevent crisis.

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