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“I read Katharina Wehrli’s book, The Why In The Road and can tell you it is ORIGINAL, INSIGHTFUL, INSPIRATIONAL.”

Paul Chelman, The Enchanted Fox, Medway, MA

“The Why in the Road gives a comprehensive esoteric background. It is worthwhile to read the book just for this. But these spiritually inspiring insights are only the prelude. The real treasure is the deeper psychological comprehension they pave the way for. It leaves the reader with new understanding, which is timely and so necessary. This book describes unhealthy modern behaviors. These negative subconscious responses are automatically triggered by situations and events. The practical value of the book lies in identifying these warped patterns. It contributes to healing the way we treat ourselves, others, and the environment.” 

Shelley Jackson, Las Vegas, NV

“I don’t recall any book I have read, that dove so quickly into such a complex subject, and did not leave the reader gasping in confusion.  The approach is so logical and clear, it answered my questions even before they formed in my mind. And the vocabulary!  I can’t wait for her next book and want to be the first one to buy it!”

Thomas Gregory, Saint Louis, MO

“The Why in the Road is a gem that fulfills on so many levels; it is both interesting and inspiring. After reading it straight through I find now that it can also be opened to any section for a brief glance to refresh and inspire. It is obvious how much clear-hearted and clear-headed work went into this book. I am a voracious reader and I can’t think of any other book that covers quite the same ground, and I find that refreshing. There are valuable (even life-changing) insights into the journey of a human life; these sections should be read carefully and taken in. The chapters on the astrological ages offer interesting perspectives on the historical background of our current collective situation. After finishing the book one emerges with a clearer sense of the gift of a human life and the opportunity it offers.”

Bob Quinn, Portland, OR

The Why in the Road gathers in one place a truly diverse universe of topics in order to prescribe the ‘healing’ or fulfillment I intuitively know I need.

Science provides a physical and chemical basis for our self-awareness, personality, and mood. But when you ask of science “Why is life?” or “Why is my mind?” you hear only silence. Science obliterates consciousness and replaces it with chemistry. Yet, I have discovered Western Science to be in every way as metaphysical and holistic at its foundation as Ms. Wehrli’s vision and her prescriptions inclusively summarized in this revolutionary book.

Vibrations affect all living organisms to one degree or another. Holistic resonant responses, their ultimate Source described in Wehrli’s book, do control our personal growth as a part of universal and pervasive phenomena.

Miracles and divinations beget science facts. We have a destiny. Only the most myopic experimentalist can deny that metaphysics is irretrievably entwined in methods of Western science. No less is it part of reality and our place in the world.

All this is by way of recommending to skeptics like myself to open their minds fully to this book. Do as brain scientists did recently when they flocked to an overflow meeting at MIT to hear the Dalai Lama declare flatly how mental imagery practiced 4000 years ago will advance Western understanding in fields as diverse as psychology, cosmology, neurobiology, and magnetic resonance of subatomic physics.”

John Bliss, Bath, ME

“The Why In The Road is an amazing tool for truth seeking souls. Not only did this book offer a way of moving through my soul’s development with grace and integrity but it also very eloquently and factually explained why we are faced with challenges that are presented to us individually and globally. Until now I thought the major influences on our life were karmic. I breathed a great sigh of relief knowing this was only a small part in the great scheme of things. I was glad to realize that there is also the influence of where we are in the great galactic cycle above and beyond our personal lives.”

Judy Aranda, Lancaster, MA

“The Why in the Road describes the faltering of natural ways and lack of harmony in recent cultural developments. Traditions of mental segregation and unfeeling, exploitative practices direct most societies on earth. Controlling the feminine elements led to the suppression of many natural emotional responses. They created a veil between our authentic being and our direct experience of the Source.

The Why in the Road redirects these mistaken turns by first showing us three ominous, yet prevalent behavioral patterns. It leads us on an intriguing journey through mistaken beliefs to modern dysfunctional behaviors and spychologically distorted configurations.

Practical suggestions inspire us to bring forth our own positive adjustments. We come to understand how the soul incarnates over many lifetimes to fulfill its evolutionary requirements. Trauma can have a lasting impact even if it stems from another lifetime. The energy of evolution requires that we purge all residual sickness, terror, and grief that is held in the cellular memory of the body.

In these times of increasing light and comprehension this special book offers us a splendid opportunity to forge our own destiny, to let go of redundant patterns, and to embrace a future beyond compare. Feeling and experiencing that we belong to something bigger completes the circle in collaboration with nature and spirit.”

Bobby McHaffie, Pettigrew, Arkansas

To achieve healing we must bridge the gap between head and heart. We have the tools but often don’t know we have them, nor how to use them. The Why in the Road is a roadmap to understanding who we are and who we can be. Author, educator and healer Katharina Wehrli has given us a marvelous textbook to learn where we came from and what we can do to find oneness with Creator.

‘To grow beyond the limitations of the past, everyone is in a perpetual state of becoming’, writes Ms. Wehrli. ‘We human beings have forgotten our true origins. But with the right use of meditation, yoga and other spiritual disciplines that contain the eternal truths leading to liberation, the path to oneness is shortened dramatically.’ The Why in the Road offers that path.

‘Life’s deeper purpose is the completion of the soul’s evolutionary journey through fulfilling and eliminating all earthly desires…Confusion starts where the right choice is muddled up by an array on contradictory desires.’ Katharina Wehrli shows us the way! We learn that this leads to expanded awareness which in turn leads to ‘…an augmented desire to spiritualize, to consciously merge with the Source of all life.’

The Why in the Road teaches us to look at our past. ‘Once this perspective is gained, there is no further need to keep looking backward to countless attempts to recap what never can be changed.’ This understanding of our evolution opens the door to align ourselves with spiritual values such as respect for all life including our own.

Katharina Wehrli writes, ‘Evolution is the inherent pull and supplication of life toward advancement. By removing resistance and aligning ourselves with natural directives, change can take place without cataclysms.’ And that is the gift of The Why in the Road, an insightful treasure you should read and digest!”

Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews

“Prevailing behavioral patterns  unquestioned beliefs, and subconscious reactions against natural truths are brilliantly explored within the context of “World Cycles”.  Like the ocean tide human conscious evolution rises and falls. Ms. Wehrli provides fresh insight into why the tide has started expanding, and is offering hope and opportunity.  Her new system of soul healing is profound.”

Bernie S. Nelson, Senior Editor, The Mindquest Review

“This is a provocative and mind-expansive view of cosmology and personal growth based on the author’s system called “Evolutionary Soul Healing.” It deserves careful consideration as it discusses many esoteric dimensions. It will be of great interest to those who want to explore the invisible world.

The first section of the book lays out a general view of the big picture: what is the soul, and why are we on earth? This account reflects the wisdom of yogic mysticism.

In the second section, we hear about the “ages of humanity.” These are extremely long epochs of human history, as envisioned by a Vedic astrologer and other mystics. This account is very readable and understandable, useful for those new to the ideas as well as others.

The final section discusses therapy from a soul awareness approach. Healing emotional wounds conditioned by past life circumstances is self-empowerment.  It begins with the understanding that times have changed and emotional habits need to change all well.

The author speaks in a tone that is consistent and sincere and plays out well over the course of the whole book.”

John Chitty, co-author of Energy Exercises

“Why are we here? What is our purpose? For thousands of years humans have sought to understand their place in the universe. Religions have formed, civilizations created and lost, and countless books of theory produced based solely on uncertain answers to such questions. The Why in the Road provides a very different set of tools and methods for finding the answers. Katharina Wehrli invites readers to use her evolutionary healing as a guide to today’s challenging times.

By using her experiences as a healer and student of many philosophies, the author exposes readers to many schools of thought and new views of our unique place in the universe. And note: This is not a “quick fix” book that provides readers with detailed instructions for changing their lives overnight. Wehrli seeks to explain the most difficult questions humans have ever faced, and it would be nearly impossible to read The Why in the Road and not come away with a new perspective on our role as soulful human beings connected now and forever.”|

Bowker Inc., BookWire Review


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