Client Comments

“Katharina has magic hands. It is truly a wonderful treat to experience one of her polarity sessions. She makes the different energies come alive in your body. Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Ether all move and dance within your veins. She has the hands of a healer, full of light and heat, and a heart that is gentle and true. Katharina possesses a rare and powerful combination of healing talents.”
Tracy J., Sherborn, MA


“I came to Katharina at a crucial time in my own life. After almost thirty years of dedicated meditation practice and other personal growth work, I had decided to takean entire year off from my work in the attempt to bring forth and integrate certain changes I had long wished for, but yet had feared at the same time. In an evolutionary healing session Katharina served as a catalyst and anchor for meat the same time. I am grateful for the help and insights. It is not always easy or pleasant to hear difficult truths, but there is great value in moving past the fear and resistance. New and exciting territory awaits those who do dare to open themselves.

In my own career in medicine I have had the good fortune to meet a great many talented healthcare practitioners. They all had something to teach me, and for that I am truly grateful. These were people who had mastered the technical aspects of their respective modalities and were able to help many people. We are all lucky to have caregivers of this caliber out there working and serving their communities.

I have, however,met just a handful of true healers who practice what one might call “deep medicine”; Katharina Wehrli belongs to this small elitegroup. She has gone beyond technical mastery of her healing work. In her hands is an aptitude, and a knowing that can be trusted. It took me on a journey of self-discovery, a journey to the deeper recesses of my being. I emerged from Katharina’s sessions with profound insights into body, soul, and psyche. In her work I got a sense of where healing and humanity might be headed in the years to come.”
Bob Q., Portland, OR


“Katharina’s insights have gently guided me over the past several years. I trust her energy work and her astrological counseling. With evolutionary soul healing I was able to connect to parts of myself that previously were inaccessible. This journey still continues.”
Ann J., Natick, MA


“Driven by the desire to attach meaning to a lifetime filled with a seemingly endless onslaught of emotional pain, I have consulted a vast number of teachers and healers. Each individual, who shed a small ray of light into his or her specific area of mastery, provided some level of comfort temporarily, until the darkness would once again prevail.

Evolutionary soul healing with Katharina provided the key that unlocked the door to liberate my life force and harness the power of my soul. I began to understand the dynamics of expansion and contraction, darkness and light. Fear, dread,and trepidation have been replaced with an inner core of strength, and faith that can only be sustained by those who are aligned with the life force itself.

Katharina is one of those rare healers who have the wisdom, knowledge, experience, and humility to gently guide othersthrough the dark night of the soul, by helping them remember why they are here on the planet at this time. She is a revolutionary healer.”
Pat B., Marlboro, MA


“I had a breakthrough bodywork experience with Katharina. At one point during the session, I felt a tremendous release in my sacral area and then was flooded with a profound relaxation. I got up from the table feeling light and free, much more at home inside my own body. A series of Polarity and Craniosacral sessions has significantly improved my lower back pain. Thank you, Katharina!”
John S., Concord, MA


“At a time when I was feeling “blocked”, in terms of my life, I felt that energy work that focuses on the entire person, might be helpful to me. That’s when I came across Katharina’s website and was impressed by her broad range of experience in the field. Katharina creates a very comfortable and safe environment for healing, and her feedback before and after bodywork made me feel confident in her intuitive healing abilities. More importantly though, I felt that Katharina was able to channel healing energy and move it through my body in the way it needed to go for me as an individual. Each session was somewhat different, and I made steady progress to the point at which I no longer felt “blocked”. I felt very grounded, centered and calmly energetic. Having had experience with alternative healing modalities in the past, one of the things that impressed me the most about Katharina, was her ability to focus on and intuit my needs, putting her own energy aside in the process.”
Claire O., Marblehead, MA


“Katharina has a rare gift as a healer. She is totally present with you as she is working and has an excellent intuition about how to contribute to your healing process. I received polarity treatments from her, which were excellent and relieved stress and back pain.”
Dun G. Seattle, WA


“Ten years ago I took my first yoga class with Katharina at the town center. It was unlike any of the programs I had done in the past. I was so intrigued with the potential of her teaching method and the way she integrated body, mind, and soul work in her practice that I joined a smaller group she taught on a regular basis.

As a result of studying with her for a couple years, my first self-conscious Kundalini experience was realized. I began to experience an expansive sense of calm joy caused by inner awareness. It was an intense period, and though I wasn’t able to sustain it, it provided confirmation that I was part of something larger than I am able to accept in my everyday existence.

I moved from Katharina’s area, but continued to return on occasion for bodywork and related spiritual guidance when physical ailments caused me considered pause.

Katharina recommended that I create a self-affirming tape for myself to listen to for several months every night when I was sleeping to reprogram my subconscious mind and to override the self-induced negativity that perpetually sabotaged my emotional, spiritual, and psychic development. This treatment had a profound effect on my sense of self — enough so that several people questioned me about what had happened to cause such a change in my person.

Everything seemed to be going well until I entered into another relationship that reproduced old patterns. Despite the good work I had done on establishing a positive self-image, I easily fell back into the mode of sacrificing MySelf for another’s convenience – a situation that the other person didn’t ask for and certainly wasn’t warranted.

However, this didn’t last long. As if by divine reprimand, I was dramatically forced to stop by a severe car accident. Having lost my ability to work and to function on my own, I was impelled to consider the value and import of every aspect of my life. Again I sought Katharina’s assistance.

Katharina’s perspective on evolutionary soul healing helped me to recognize how and why my physical body was holding onto pain from past lives as my soul accepted challenges that would provide necessary opportunities to make new and better choices.

The process is by no means easy, but the chaos and overwhelming emotional and physical pain has been greatly lessened through this personal work. There is recovery and solace as I have begun to trust that the right path will present itself, so long as I remain open. And, as I move toward a sense of clarity, my reality has truly expanded; I am learning not to identify with my struggles, and thus, they are lighter to bear. I can imagine myself moving beyond them, to peace.”
Rebecca R., Rockport, MA


“I like Katharina’s approach…. Her astrology readings are direct and insightful. Her polarity sessions are gentle and comforting. It’s been a wonderful experience working with her. Thank you, Katharina.”
Janet M., Waltham, MA


“I have known Katharina as a yoga teacher, Polarity therapist and astrologer. She uses her knowledge in astrology, Polarity, Aura-Soma, and other forms of energy therapy┬áin addition to her exquisite sensitivity to the human body to provide a powerful healing experience. She is a very gifted healer and yoga teacher, and I have learned so much from her. Her individual sessions are amazingly relaxing and helpful, and her yoga classes are terrific.”
Esther S., Natick, MA

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