Yoga and Meditation

Client Comments

“I have enjoyed taking yoga classes with Katharina for almost ten years, and it has been a wonderful addition to my life. It was particularly useful when I was pregnant: it improved my fitness while I was pregnant and while recovering after the birth, and I had an amazing birth experience. Katharina’s classes not only prepared me physically to give birth to a ten pound, one ounce baby without drugs, an episiotomy, or a tear; they also prepared me mentally so that out of this intense concentration and hard work there was also great joy in the accomplishment, in the connection between mind and body. This experience, and indeed all of my yoga experiences with Katharina, have given me resources of strength, relaxation and focus that I draw on throughout my daily life.”

Barbara S., Wayland, MA


“Over a the period of two years Katharina has taught a weekly yoga class for the members of my staff. Since the level of expertise varied greatly among the class participants, she individually tailored her teaching to each person, in a most patient and thoughtful way. Katharina has excellent teaching skills, a broad understanding of the basics and advanced concepts of yoga and its related philosophy, and a warm, engaging manner, which put each student at ease and allowed each person to progress at their own individual pace. In addition, she would often introduce new postures and different yoga concepts during her classes. This made her teachings interesting and allowed progress based on building on past positions learnt. I would highly recommend Katharina as a yoga teacher for both individual instruction and small and large classes.”

Eric P., Wellesley, MA


“I have enjoyed Katharina’s yoga classes, and the way she teaches meditation. It has helped me to be present and calm.”

Janet M., Waltham, MA


“Ten years ago I took my first yoga class with Katharina at the town center. It was unlike any of the programs I had done in the past. I was so intrigued with the potential of her teaching method and the way she integrated body, mind, and soul work in her practice that I joined a smaller group she taught on a regular basis.

As a result of studying with her for a couple years, my first self-conscious Kundalini experience was realized. I began to experience an expansive sense of calm joy caused by inner awareness. It was an intense period, and though I wasn’t able to sustain it, it provided confirmation that I was part of something larger than I am able to accept in my everyday existence.”

Rebecca R., Rockport, MA


“I have known Katharina as a yoga teacher, a Reiki master/teacher, and an energy healer. She uses her knowledge in Polarity, Aura-Soma, and other forms of energy healing in addition to her exquisite sensitivity to the human body to provide a powerful healing experience. She is a very gifted healer and yoga teacher, and I have learned so much from her. Her individual sessions are amazingly relaxing and helpful, and her yoga classes are terrific.”

Esther S., Natick, MA


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