How To Find Your Birth Time

How To Find Your Birth Time

Exact birth times are important in the process of casting astrological birth charts. If you don’t have your birth time there are several ways to go about obtaining it.

Your first resource is your family; ask your Mother whether she has kept a written record.  In case she didn’t write it down, ask her whether she remembers. This is not the best way, because your Mother was naturally preoccupied with giving birth to you. Unless she was very conscious about astrology, the exact minute of your birth was a minor detail. Nonetheless, the information you are seeking may be readily available through one of the following family resources.

Perhaps your birth time was recorded along with other pertinent information in a baby book, family bible, or in a parent’s journal. Or maybe an announcement was published in the local newspaper, and your family may well have kept a copy. Sometimes birth times were also recorded on a hospital basinet card, which could have been given to the baby’s parents for keepsake.

If none of the above seems viable or your research turns up empty handed, check on your Birth Certificate. In the US there are 2 forms, and the short form does not contain this information, only your name and date of birth. This is the form that’s used in connection with requesting a passport and other official documents.

The Long Form, however, does usually contain a time of birth, as it is the original, complete certificate. It should be available at the County Office of your birthplace. If not there, you might find it at the Town or City Hall, or the State Government Office.

Birth information is kept at the “Department of Vital Records”, “Birth and Death Records”, or “Bureau/Office of Vital Records.” If you can’t find their contact information online, the local library should have it.

There is also a website called, where you can request your birth certificate and pay to have it sent to you. Instead of dealing with these issues directly, many government agencies contracted this organization to handle them. If you pursue this route, make sure to specifically request the birth certificate with the most information, the “Long Version”, which is sometimes also referred to as “Birth Long” or “Birth Full.”

If none of the above is successful in supplying your time of birth, you may still want to further investigate your family resources. Sometimes families remember events that were synchronized with the birth of a baby.  You may have been born right at sunrise or just when the evening news came on. You can also contact the hospital where you were born, or track down the doctor who delivered you. Some physicians keep detailed records.

Even if no birth time record is available, it is still possible to cast a horoscope. There are astrologers who specialize in chart rectification.


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