Yoga & Meditation

Gentle Strength Yoga

This adaptive approach to Raja yoga suits the active person of today’s Western world. Without losing the momentum nor curtailing the inherent zest of Kundalini yoga , classes and individual lessons are geared towards students’ diverse abilities. Due to the small group format (and 25+ years of teaching) I can accommodate various student skill levels, including beginners. My goal is to provide an ever expanding experience of yoga proper, as well as to awaken and nurture participant’s interest in the spiritual foundation of yogic living.

Every week gentle strength yoga classes consist of a different routine with movements, postures, stretches and aerobic workout. Since exercises are done in coordination with the breath, risk of injury is minimal. Students are guided to walk the fine line between pushing too hard and not trying hard enough. The result is trust in the body’s innate power, endurance and resilience. Yoga sets are designed to work on particular body systems, such as the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, endocrine or reproductive system. Next to being effective for stress reduction and relaxation, the sets enhance brain function, help center the mind and balance the emotions.

Essential information on holistic lifestyle choices is provided as well. This aspect of yogic discipline forms the foundation for a successful practice. Esoteric concepts that constitute the philosophical basis of yoga are also built into class. Their timeless wisdom has inspired students throughout the Ages.

Classes further comprise breath work, linking body and mind through specific visualizations, chanting and meditation. Meditation is your personal experience of serenity and bliss through expanding awareness. Integration takes places through a felt-sense of wellness during deep relaxation .

Please bring a mat and a blanket for deep relaxation. Dress comfortably in lose fitting clothes, natural fibers are best.

Class Schedule 

Depending on the specific yoga set, classes vary in length. 60/90-minute classes with monthly sign up: $40. Drop in: $12 (call before dropping in due to small classes).

Currently no classes scheduled. Please email or call 636.527.9939 for directions, questions or interest.

Individual 60/90-minute private lessons by appointment: $50 


Studio location is within 3 miles of Clarkson/340 with Manchester Road, and 4 miles from Eureka exit 264 of Interstate 44 going North on R.109.

Katharina yoga studio

Therapeutic Yoga 

Specifically selected yoga programs involve postures, stretches, breathing exercises, and meditation. They can restore balance and heal physical, mental and emotional conditions. Programs are linked with ancient numerological concepts. Based on the 10 light bodies of energy and consciousness, these numerological concepts are seen from the yogic perspective of interplaying spirit with matter.

I present your individually tailored therapeutic yoga program in a 2-hour private lesson. During the first part of your lesson you learn about the numerological sequence as it applies to your unique combination of life strengths and challenges. Your birth date is used to prepare the profile. Some of the most important profile numbers are the soul, destiny, karma, gift and path numbers. They represent resources you can access and reveal blockages that are in need of transformation.

The second part of your instruction covers specific exercises and meditation. You will be trained to self-maintain your yoga program so that energetic shifts underlying physical, mental and emotional structures can occur. Most students start their home practice with enthusiasm, but tend to lack over time. I thus recommend an additional 60-minute follow up lesson within the first 6 weeks to 3 months. This helps to adjust your focus and will correct errors that tend to develop with unsupervised home practice.

2-hour personalized routine/therapeutic yoga: $120 (sliding scale available)

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Raja Yoga Satsanga

Occasionally on Saturday from 2 to 4pm at the Earthlit Yoga Studio. To be notified of our next Satsang please sign up for St. Louis mailing list to the left of this page. Beginners are welcome to this donation based event.

This Satsang is for learning more about the philosophies and benefits of Raja yoga. During a yoga class the main goal is direct experience. Satsang on the other hand generates a deeper understanding of the reasons for practicing yoga, and of meditation whose ultimate goal is enlightenment. Participants receive inspiration, motivation, and plenty of chances for questions. I present topics from Patanjali’s yoga sutras and excerpts of scriptures such as the Bhagavad Gita, or a DVD such as “Awake” .

Kirtan/Healing Circle

Saturday prior to Solstice and Equinox 2 to 5pm at the Earthlit Yoga Studio. To be notified of our next Kirtan or Healing Circle please sign up for St. Louis mailing list to the left of this page. Beginners welcome to any of these donation based event.

A laboratory of devotion and healing with chanting, music and dance. Participants are welcome to introduce mantras and lead chants. Please bring your devotion, creativity, favorite musical or percussion instrument. There are back jacks, chairs and a few zafus available. A DMS Model 18 professional harmonium is part of the studio as well.

For the healing circle, participants are invited to take turns in savasana in the center of the circle. I teach the healing facilitators seated around them how to unblock the life force in their chakras. Chanting a specific healing mantra is combined with a series of mudras and arm positions. This generates tremendous healing power, which participants are guided to direct in a sequenced pattern, called celestial communication. The resulting energy is then beamed to the recipients in the center.